Would you like to book more speaking engagements, even while you sleep?

You can explain your speaking skills and style all you want, but most of your clients need to see to believe (and book). Show off your skills through high-quality videos!

Video can help you…

  • Increase your speaking fees
  • Book out your calendar
  • And seal the deal while you sleep

With video, organizers KNOW you are an inspiring/dynamic/funny/engaging speaker. They can see it for themselves!

Videos help you demonstrate your skills to potential clients and show off your range of presentation styles and topics.

Chances are, you’re already aware of the power and potential of video. But, how can you get started?

Booking videographers is not only expensive, but if you travel for a speaking engagement, you either have to also pay travel expenses, or take a chance on a videographer you’ve never worked with before. For really important gigs, that’s a big (and expensive) gamble.

With videographers charging in the thousands for a single video, you might even spend more on the video than you made for the speech! That's a scary thought...

A much more economical and reliable option is to record the video yourself, or get the video recording from the organizer (when available).

StoryLab can teach you to gather high-quality video of your presentations, and we can edit the footage you collect.

We’ll also provide you with continuous training and consultations to improve your videography, as we edit your videos.

An example of our work, with creative thinking and innovation expert Susan Robertson (MBA, Innovation Strategist: Facilitator, Trainer, Keynoter; and Instructor at Harvard University)


For a better deal, purchase credits to apply to current and future video projects. One credit buys a direct-to-social promo video, 3 credits buys a custom video introduction, and 6 credits buys a demo reel.

Pay As You Go

Pay a flat rate of $65 per hour for StoryLab to edit videos of all kinds, from demo reels to promo videos and full-length explanatory videos.


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For more information, contact Sarah Redohl at sarah@storylabllc.com.