Shoot your own videos and leave the heavy lifting to us.

No one knows your business better than you. You're at the client meetings, the conference calls, the events--everything. If you've perused our blog at all, you know each of these activities presents a perfect opportunity to collect video without requiring more of your already-stretched time. 

We're happy to turn your raw videos into rad business videos. And, we'll provide you pointers to improve your filming along the way!

This service is perfect for you, if...

  • You shot a bunch of video clips and don't know where to go from here
  • You have a bunch of stock video and need to put it together into a story
  • Or you received raw footage from a coworker, an event videographer, etc. and need help turning it into something awesome.

Our pro staff can save you tons of time editing your video.

Seriously, we're so fast you'll think we're editing wizards.

Clients We Edit Video For...

Ready To Go?

Choose the package that's right for you.

Pay a flat rate of $65 per hour for StoryLab to edit videos of all kinds, from demo reels to promo videos and full-length explanatory videos.

Or, for a better deal, purchase credits to apply to current and future video projects. One credit buys a direct-to-social promo video, 3 credits buy a custom video introduction, and 6 credits buy a demo reel.

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Buy 12 Editing Credits
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Buy 18 Editing Credits
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Here's A Sample of Our Work...

We edited this demo reel and a handful of short direct-to-social-media clips from a one-hour presentation given by creative thinking and innovation expert Susan Robertson (MBA, Innovation Strategist: Facilitator, Trainer, Keynoter; and Instructor at Harvard University)