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5 Apps for Mobile Multimedia Storytelling

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Apps that put the power of video, photos and audio in your pocket

Did you know that the average person uses 26.8 apps every single month?

With more than 1 million apps available in Apple’s App Store, and more than 1 million in the Android Marketplace, its no surprise that the average smartphone user has nearly 100 apps on their device at any given time.

Although the number of apps that can be used to shoot and edit photos, audio and videos is a much smaller pool (more of a drop in the bucket, by comparison), its no less difficult to wade through the clutter when shopping for these apps.

And there are a lot of considerations to make. Will I need to set my own exposure? Do I need to understand aperture, ISO and shutter speed to use this app? Does it have focus lock? Multitrack editing?

As you figure out which capabilities are most important for your company’s multimedia goals, here’s a list of apps selected for their ease of use, greatest functionality and least frustrating glitches.

Camera App

Camera + ($2.99)

Why? Unlike the built in camera, Camera+ allows you to manually set and lock exposure and focus. The ISO, aperture and shutter speed appear at the bottom of the app, so you can begin to learn how those three elements work together to create good exposure. Additionally, the option to manually set the exposure will allow you to create a slight depth-of-field perspective and mitigate low-lighting problems as much as possible.

Photo Editing App

SnapSeed (Free)

Why? SnapSeed is a wonderful editing tool that combines a wide range of capabilities with a simple-to-learn user interface. By selecting a correction option (brightness, contrast, saturation, etc.) and dragging your finger left and right, you can quickly and easily make improvements to your photos

Video App

Filmic Pro ($7.99)

Why? Filmic Pro allows you to lock focus and exposure, which is imperative for good video. You can also shoot HD video at a variety of frame rates, along with a wide variety of other shooting options

Video Editing App

Pinnacle Studio ($12.99)

Why? Having learned nearly a dozen video editing softwares and apps, this is one of the most user-friendly options available. It makes cutting and placing clips as easy as click-drag-drop. Although it doesn’t offer the wide array of correctional tools as most full-force computer software options, for posting breaking news or creating your own videos to share on your business’s social channels, Pinnacle will certainly get the job done.

Audio App

MultiTrack DAW ($9.99)

Why? MultiTrack DAW by Harmonicdog is a powerhouse for audio collection and editing. The $9.99 version gives you eight tracks to play with, and multiple options to export so sharing audio with other apps is quite easy. There is also a wide range of more advanced audio editing options.

Whatever apps you use will certainly vary, depending on your multimedia goals. This is just a good place to start, to learn what capabilities are most important to you while you create compelling, high quality multimedia content.