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DIY Tripod Mount for your Phone

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When I was teaching a course for the American Society of Business Publication Editors, the Social Media Club of Kansas City and a few other groups, everyone was in awe of my homemade tripod mount.

I'd only manufactured it out of desperation--I misplaced my own mount and needed one for the presentation--but people love anything that's free, or close to it.

Sure, there are plenty of tripod mounts for your phone available for about $10, but you can build this one in less than a minute with $5 worth of materials you can find at any hardware store.

Macro Lens Hack for Smartphones

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I was getting some work done at a coffee shop when I got distracted by all the condensation from my iced coffee that was inching its way closer to my laptop. I had been doing some research on getting better detail shots with a smartphone when an idea struck: could I use a tiny droplet of water on my iPhone lens as a makeshift macro lens?

Now, I've played around with a lot of macro lenses for iPhones, from the cheap the the insanely-expensive-for-what-it-is. And shockingly, my experiment produced pretty amazing results. Take a look:


The trick is for the droplet to be about one millimeter (yes, that tiny) in diameter. Anything larger and all you'll get is a trippy blurred effect. If you're having trouble with size, it should be about half the size of your lens. Here's a quick 30-second demo:


Give it a shot and let me know about your experiences in the comments!