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Earlier this year, I visited Costa Rica with two of my sisters. As we sat wifi-enabled and poolside, my younger sister checked her Instagram only to find that the photo she’d taken earlier that day had only received a handful of likes.

“This is just sad,” she said, adding that she couldn’t have such a flop of a photo on her Instagram. So, she deleted the sheer memory of it (though I’m sure a copy exists somewhere in the vast World Wide Web).

A few months prior, the same sister received scores of likes for her story featuring all the Thanksgiving nappers in my family on SnapChat. It made her holiday!

I share this personal anecdote because it’s very telling of this generation—my generation, and those younger than me. We’ve been telling stories as long as we’ve been able to type and swipe. What’s more is many of us are actually measuring the results in likes, shares, retweets and favorites. Some of us, like my sister, are even modifying our behavior based on those metrics.

What I’m saying is everyone today is a storyteller and a brand marketer.

Startups are told they must share their story (most often in animated videos with upbeat “happy claps” music) in order to develop a brand identity and woo investors. Forward-thinking brands are incorporating videos on Instagram and Vine not to sell products, but to sell the values their brand promotes (which often leads to product sales, too).

In response, so many easy-to-use apps have cropped up to cash in on this wave of interest in telling and sharing stories. Here are some of the vest apps on the market right now to help you, whether as an individual, startup, established business, nonprofit or organization, share your stories with the world.

The Apps


Steller is a storytelling app that puts mobile consumption front and center. The app makes it easy to combine text, photos and videos directly from your iPhone. It’s a place where elegant, clean design templates make vertical video seem less taboo. Plys, its “Storyline” component, showing stories from those you follow, makes the app social in its own right, beyond simple integration with Facebook, Twitter and the like.


Create interactive media by adding rich media links to your images and videos with this app. Presenting content in this format results in 10 times more click-throughs and three times more audience engagement!


With more than 2,000,000 downloads and a 5-star review for its current version, Videolicious gives you easy access to video production. You may forgo some control for the sake of simplicity, but with a library of music, the ability to add logos, and a ridiculously simple interface, for quick videos on the go there’s nothing better.


This title, on Mashable, says it all: “Brands (and puppies) flock to Periscope,” Twitter’s new app for live-streaming video. From a peek behind the scenes to announcements, Q&As and virtual tours, Periscope (and it’s rival, Meerkat), you can share your story live around the world.