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Video Quality Case Study

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Oftentimes, when companies start using video, they do it because all the marketing thought leaders, blogs and studies tell how effective video can be.

What they don't talk about is that producing the video is only half of the battle. The second half is getting it seen so you can truly benefit from those conversions.

I've talked to video production agencies that see what StoryLab teaches and feel threatened. But most of them see why it matters. They can charge a client $3,000 to $5,000 for a video, but if the client has no money left to promote the video, it may only get a handful of views. That's not a very good return on investment. So, those that see the value notice that if a customer saves money on production, it will allow more money for promoting your content, rather than building it.

The videographers from the first group, the ones who feel threatened, talk about the degraded video quality on a smartphone. My belief is if you have a compelling story, and some money to get it into the right hands, you will be met with amazing results. If the video is high quality, all the better.

In these two videos, one was produced by a professional videographer using the best equipment, and the other, made based on StoryLab's best practices using a smartphone and kit costing less than $100.

Both had humorous scripts and a fun story, and both were promoted on Facebook with the same small budget. And with $150 spent on Facebook ads, both videos received similar engagement and impressions.

If you have a compelling story and enjoyable (not necessarily professional) video, people will engage with your content. You just have to get started.