At the end of last month, Google announced a new video format: VR180.

The new format aims to combine traditional video filming techniques and the immersive nature of spherical, 3D video.

Well, I got the chance to test the FIRST commercially available VR180 camera, the LucidCam, to review it for Immersive Shooter!


My biggest takeaway was how much I enjoyed shooting VR180 video. It felt like such a luxury to be able to frame my video once again, to not have to hide from the camera, and to be able to deliver double the resolution at half the bandwidth.

It’s hard to tell how the industry will accept (or not accept) VR180. So far, there’s quite stigma against it. But, it’s quite possible it could be a valuable stepping stone between flat, fixed-frame, traditional video to 360/VR video.

Check out my full review here.