My recent tests with VR180 has gotten me more interested in just how 360 resolutions work. So, in my latest in-depth article for Immersive Shooter, I set out to discover why 4K for flat media looks so damn good and 4K for 360 video looks like absolute garbage.

The short answer? 4K stands for the 4,000 horizontal pixels spanning the width of your video. Spreading 4,000 pixels across a 16:9 frame will result in a much higher pixel density than spreading those same 4,000 pixels around an entire sphere!

When the same number of pixels are spread so thin, it’s sort of like trying to spread a pint of paint around an entire room! You just aren’t going to get very high-quality coverage.

Is that overly simplified? Yes, of course. It depends on the field of view of the VR headset you’re watching, how many pixels are lost in the stitch line, and many other factors. But, that’s the short answer.

For the full explanation, check out my original post on Immersive Shooter.