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A couple weeks ago, I had the opportunity to present the concept of StoryLab to a few dozen people at Columbia's Downtown Business Incubator. Every Wednesday morning, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial sympathizers get together to have coffee and listen to a 6-minute presentation from a local start-up, before providing feedback and asking questions for another 30 minutes. More commonly known as One Million Cups, the Kauffman Foundation event aims to bring together 1 million entrepreneurs nationwide to continue to connect people and help start-ups succeed.

I learned a lot from my fellow entrepreneurs, and am eager to get started on some of their recommendations. Below I've included just the highlights from my 7 minute presentation (yes, I broke the rules just a little bit), and the link to the full presentation.

On May 20, 2015, StoryLab founder and chief educator Sarah Redohl presented the StoryLab business model and concept to a group of more than 50 people at the Downtown Business Incubator in Columbia, Missouri. The event was part of the Kauffman Foundation's One Million Cups entrepreneurship initiative.

View the full presentation and questions here.