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Almost every brand has a blog these days, but if you can build original visual video, not only will you be able to use social media more effectively, save time building content and stand out among your competitors, you’ll also get to know your audience better AND could even find a new revenue stream for your business.

1) You’re already spending time posting about your brand on social media, but you could be doing it more effectively.

Everyone says you need to be telling your brand’s story, but you also need to be telling it right. Use the media types that are most effective on these platforms.

For example, on Facebook, video posts see the most engagement of any format, with about 2,200 interactions per update, on average, compared to 1,400 for photo posts. On the paid side of things, people are seeing click-through rates of up to 8 percent on video ads on Facebook, compared to 0.1 percent on the average banner ad.

Overall, content with visuals get 94 percent more views than content without. AND, this content can also lead to more sales.

Video drives higher conversion rates than other form of content.

A report by Vidyard and Demand Metric found that 71 percent of marketers claimed video drove higher conversion rates than other forms of content.

2) Save time. Be more efficient creating your content.

For solopreneurs, building content in any format can be time-consuming. But, solopreneurs also tend to be involved in more activities related to their business on a regular basis, from product development, to events and meeting with customers, you have direct contact with everything that could be a story for you. Take the opportunity of being so close to everything in your business to automate video creation.

Why not use your smartphone to start building videos from these experiences? Instead of making it another item on your to-do list, integrate it into something you’re already doing. For example, I did a training session in Austin, filmed for about five minutes, asked the organizer three questions on camera, and built and posted a testimonial video on my iPhone while taxiing to the runway to fly home. You CAN do this, too!

3) It’s a chance to stand out.

So many brands that are succeeding in the content marketing are scared to move beyond their blogs. For example, only one in 10 small brands are using video (and one in four for large brands), but more than half of all Internet traffic is video.

They think it takes specialized skills and/or expensive freelancers. They don’t realize the availability of free and cheap video apps MADE for the general consumer! They’re made for people who are learning how to produce videos, and want to do so cheaply and effectively. Take advantage!

4) Know your audience, and build better products for your audience.

When you build content people enjoy and find valuable, people will be more likely to engage with you. You can use this engagement to research your audience, build trust and increase brand awareness, with the soft goal of making better business decisions. You can use engaging video content to test and research customers, non-customers, influencers, haters and advocates.

For example, does your existing audience have another pain point that you could solve with a new product or service? This information can help you innovate your offerings and develop an authentic voice that resonates with your audience. Having access to your audiences—customers and non-customers—will help you do all of these things.

You can use this engagement to research your audience, build trust and increase brand awareness, with the soft goal of making better business decisions.

5) Monetize your content.

Beyond reaching your audience more effectively, saving time on content creation, standing out AND knowing your audience, producing high-quality videos that resonate with your audience could also become another revenue stream for your business. Consider putting a price tag on your knowledge and your voice!

Ultimately, with today’s technology, entrepreneurs with limited resources can build videos that resonate with audiences and attract customers who love their brand, and use their content to drive their entire business, from marketing and beyond.