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In our first marketing makeover with StoryUp Studios, we headed to Zambia to teach the PET Project how to use iPads to tell the stories of the people they literally lift off the ground.

In the end, 40 Zambians who lack mobility were given hand-powered carts (an alternative to crawling, wheelbarrows and being carried, in most cases), we shot a 360-degree virtual reality video to show their experiences (more on that to come), and we taught the staff how they can keep sharing their amazing stories after we leave.

Check out these vlogs from throughout the week, all shot, edited and shared in under an hour using only my smartphone and earbuds. If anything should show that YOU are capable of this, these videos should! Got a free hour?

The first in hopefully many marketing makeovers for deserving organizations abroad that lack the money, time and training to share their stories of changing lives and changing the world for the better.

P.S. If you know of a deserving nonprofit organization, comment below!