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On Oct. 11, a group of journalists who'll be traveling to Zambia along with StoryLab later this month tested out a "journalism drone"--a consumer drone equipped with a virtual reality camera rig. Check it out!

Click  HERE  to watch the video on Sarah's feed.

Click HERE to watch the video on Sarah's feed.

Update: So, we got the drone into Zambia. Rick described it as a "personal recreational aviation device" to get us out of the U.S. and again, into Zambia, though getting out of the U.S. was significantly more difficult. In Zambia, people just thought it was strange.

Because our 360 cameras overheated really quickly in the heat, we onlyhad a few minutes to set up the drone and get it up in the air before our cameras would die, so it was quite a challenge (not to mention very very loud), but overall we got some great aerial shots of everyone in their PET carts.